Donation Trailer Placement

World Mission Clothing offers the convenience of using our 48’-53’ semi-trailers for storing the recycling materials we are collecting from you. WMC will set a trailer at your location for you to fill up with the materials we have agreed to collect from you. When the trailer is full, we will swap out the full trailer with an empty trailer. Our trailers are DOT certified and road worthy to transport goods. There is no need to off load the goods on to another trailer. We just swap it out. After we receive the goods, we process the load, weigh the products and will pay you within 7-10 business days. There is no time limit on the use of the trailer other than we would like make this work for both parties. WMC would expect you to be able to fill the trailer 2-3 times a year minimum. We can always review our arrangements as needed.

Process review:

1. Call to arrange delivery of the trailer, inspect your available space on your property to make sure you can place a trailer on site. Check with your local zoning to see if it is allowed. Do you have the proper surface to park a trailer, solid ground, concrete or asphalt. No low hanging electrical wires or other obstructions. Is there enough space to park the trailer? Inspect the trailer on delivery. Make sure the roof does not leak. Inspect the trailer during the winter. Clear off snow if it builds up so the roof does not collapse. This is your responsibility to keep the roof clear of debris and heavy snow.

2. Once the trailer is full, call WMC and we will schedule the trailer to be swapped out. WMC will remove the existing trailer and drop off an empty one. Please allow 5-10 business days to swap out trailers.

3. The load will be brought to our processing center. We will unload the trailer and weigh the goods. WMC will pay within 7-10 business days.

4. All business arrangements will be made by the customer and WMC representative.


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