Our Mission

At World Mission Clothing, our mission is clear: to help financially support the distribution of Solar-Powered Audio Bibles to unreached nations. Learn more about joining this wonderful mission at Unknown Nations.

Why Partner with Us

Let our mission complement yours. World Mission Clothing is dedicated to creating a meaningful impact on the world through clothing and shoe recycling. We are a for-profit company offering free Box truck pickup services for wearable excess inventory from thrift stores, consignment shops, boutiques, pantries and charitable organizations in West Michigan and Northeast Ohio. We can reliably pick up and purchase clothing, hats, belts, purses, linens, and shoes. Whether you have unsold clothing, thrift store overflow, seasonal clean out or simply need to clear out your inventory of wearable items, we are here to help.

Trailer Program

Additionally, we operate a used clothing and shoe trailer program that covers the Midwest, including Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, allowing us to reliably pick up wearable clothing. Having an on-site trailer provides an additional 500 sq. ft of backroom space.

Serving the Mid-West

Our thrift store pickup service is designed to support your mission, and our sustainable fashion approach ensures that items cycled off your sales floor and wearable unprocessed items find a new purpose.

Ready to make a difference? Contact us today to collaborate on our mission and yours. Join our network of thrift store partners and boutique collaborators to make an impact on your community and beyond.